Q.  Who can attend EMPOWER?
A.  The school is designed for high school graduates between 18-25, but we will consider any applicant with a sincere desire to follow God’s plan for their life.

Q.  How much is tuition?
A.  The first year program is just $4000, including books. Scholarship assistance may be available.
Q.  What about housing arrangements?
A.  Room and board are not included in the cost of the school. Special housing arrangements may be available with volunteer NBCA families.
Q.  How will I know if this school is for me?
A.  Pray about that and talk it over with your family and church leaders. We can tell you that EMPOWER is an investment to help you gain clarity and confidence to pursue your life calling.

Q.  Will I earn college credit?
A. First year students earn 6 credits that are transferable to either Community College of Beaver County (CCBC) or Geneva College. Graduates of our two year program earn an Associate Degree in Ministry from IFCA Bible College.

Q.  Will I receive ministry credentials?
A.  After earning an Associate Degree from IFCA Bible College, you may apply for ministry credentials with the IFCA.

Q.  When do classes start and finish?
A.  The school year begins in late August and ends in late May.

Q.  Can I join the school mid-year?
A.  The program is progressive and works best from Fall to Spring.

Q.  Are there any breaks during the school year?
A.  We schedule time off from school for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

Q.  When is the application deadline?
A.  Students must apply by August 25th to be considered for the current school year.

Q.  Will I have much homework?
A.  Most of the study takes place in the classroom, but you will write several essays for each class. You will also read several books during the year and write brief reports on those. There is also time spent outside of class serving in various ministries and outreaches.