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Frequently asked questions

Q. Who can attend Empower?
A. Anyone is welcome to apply, but Empower is specifically designed for those with a
serious commitment to make a difference by growing as leaders and following the call
of God to serve.

Q. What happens after Empower?
A. Our programs equip students to use their gifts to serve the Lord. Graduates of the
Leadership Development Track receive a Certificate of Completion. Graduates of the
Ministry Training Track earn a ministry degree and may apply for ministerial licensing.

Q. Is Empower an accredited program?
A. Empower partners with other accredited academic programs for degree completion.
Our main goal is to provide an inspiring environment that will challenge you to grow into
greater Christlikeness and effective Christian service.

Q. Is Empower for me even if I don’t plan to become a minister?
A. Absolutely! The mission of Empower is to help develop biblical leadership in the church
and in the marketplace. For some students this will involve full-time ministry, but for
many it will not. Empower is for those eager to develop their leadership capacity and
thrive wherever your calling leads you.

Q. When do classes start and finish?
A. The school year begins in late August and ends in mid-May. The Leadership
Development Track meets once a month on Sundays from 3-6 pm. The Ministry Training
Track includes online instruction, and meets two Sundays per month from 3-6 pm.

Q. How much does it cost to attend Empower?
A. Empower offers quality and affordability. The two-year Leadership Development Track
costs $2000. The Ministry Training Track is reasonably priced at $4800, along with an
extra $150-200 for books. Those participating in mission trips will have additional
expenses. Fundraising assistance is available.

Q. Is financial aid available?
A. Federal financial aid is available for those enrolled in our accredited degree programs.
Other forms of tuition assistance may be available for other Empower students through
a combination of scholarship development and fundraising efforts.

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